Ausable Chasm

2144 State Route 9 Keeseville, NY 12911 | 518-834-7454

Located about 85 miles north of us, discover historic Ausable Chasm.  Breathtaking and daring nature trails in the midst of a primeval Adirondack Forest. Stroll past Rainbow Falls, Elephant’s Head, Column Rock, Hyde’s Cave and the eerie quiet of Mystic Gorge. Descend hundreds of feet to walk on natural stone walkways and gaze upon eons of geologic history etched in stone.   Experience our most popular offering, the Classic Tour, by adding a scenic raft ride and float the legendary waters of the Ausable River through a maze of breathtaking rock formations sculpted over thousands of years by the river’s currents.  Incredibly beautiful gorges!  Walking tours, tubing and kayaking all available.


group under stone bridge cave

Natural Stone Bridge & Caves Park 535 Stone Bridge Rd Pottersville, NY 12860 | 518-494-2283

Two oceans, billions of sea creatures, intense metamorphosis, an unusual fault and melting glaciers have exposed some of the oldest marble in North America to form some of the youngest caves in the Adirondacks. A hands-on geological NY wonder and long time favorite of earth science classes, come explore the largest marble cave entrance in the east.  In the winter, snowshoeing is offered with bonfires to warm by.



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